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MAKER: PZO ('Polskie Zakady Optyczne,' Polish Optical Industries)

Model: MIPRO

c. 1970's


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This is a portable compound microscope. It is signed 'PZO, Made in Poland, 11812, MIPRO.'   It is about 9.5 inches high in use. There is a divisible objective with powers of 12.5X(n.a. 0.25) and 20X (n.a. 0.4). The magnification can be varied by extending or collapsing the draw tube which rides in a spiral mechanism requiring the user to turn it for this purpose. There is a single eyepiece signed PZO 10X. Coarse focusing is by push-pull. Fine focus is via a knurled knob just above the signature. There are two stage clips and a gimbaled substage mirror. Two finger holes on the bottom of the mirror support allow the user to unscrew the entire mirror support so the instrument can be held up towards a light source and passed around as a 'demonstration microscope.'  


'Polskie Zakady Optyczne' roughly translated as 'Polish Optical Industries' was formed about 1930 from 'The Factory of Optical and Precision Devices' of H.Kolberg & Co. The PZO buildings were blown up by the Germans when they evacuated Warsaw in 1944 but the company continued. After the war ended the company was rebuilt and by 1950 thousands of microscopes (and other optical items) were being made. The company continued until at least 1989 and apparently had a vast output especially of microscopes, which were exported all over the world. Unfortunately I have been unable to obtain much to date individual instruments or their serial numbers. The company made everything from simple magnifiers to professional microscopes including DIC accessories. One of the more common later lab models was the 'Biolar,' which superficially resembled the Olympus BH and C stands. They also had a line of student microscopes. I am uncertain of when PZO ceased production. If one searches the internet, one will find many different examples of PZO microscopes.